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  • 2edw57c

    Is the number of nuclear power plants growing?


    The nuclear renaissance has been a popular theme for articles during the last few years. The articles have focused on the supposed new growth of new nuclear plants. The term “renaissance” by the way means a “new birth” or a “re-birth”. -This is not true, says nuclear specialist Peter A. Bradford. -There is no renaissance for nuclear power.

  • Mozambique2

    Joining forces to boost sustainable energy in Mozambique


    For the first time a national forum to promote sustainable energy is in operation in Mozambique. The forum unites more than 100 non-governmental organizations and academic and governmental institutions. In Mozambique sustainable energy development is vital to reduce poverty, environmental impact and health consequences from energy use.

  • Tsjernobylmarkering Stortinget (smalere)

    Bygg nytt atomlager


    Naturvernforbundet anbefaler at det må bygges nytt lager for høyaktivt atomavfall i Norge.

  • Helga_Lerkelund

    Følg Helga i Tadsjikistan


    Naturvernforbundets Helga Lerkelund skal tilbringe det neste året i Tadsjikistan. Les mer om opplevelsene i bloggen hennes.

  • S73F6478
    Naturvernforbundet initiate efficiency improvements in Togo

    Factor four increace in charcoal efficiency


    Better kilns double charcoal output and use of improved stoves cut consumption by half. Charcoal is main fuel used for cooking among the urban population in Togo. At the same time Togo is one of the countries with highest deforestation rate.

  • Kola atomkraft
    Naturvernforbundet and Russian partners worried:

    Official Russian report reveals safety problems at nuclear power plants


    A report from Rosatom reveals safety problems at Russian nuclear power plants. Russian and Norwegian environmentalists are disturbed over the report’s conclusions. - This looks even worse than we anticipated, but at least presenting these safety flaws is an important step, says Yuri Ivanov in Kola Environmental Center.

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