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About us

Friends of the Earth Norway (Norges Naturvernforbund) was founded in 1914 and is Norway's oldest and largest nature and environmental protection organization. We are a democratic membership organization with about 34 000 members, regional branches in all the country's counties, and approx. 100 local groups across the country.

Statement of purpose

(As stated in our by-laws, first paragraph)

"The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature/Friends of the Earth Norway will strive to protect nature and the environment in such a way that human activity does not exceed the carrying capacity of nature.

The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature/Friends of the Earth Norway will work for a society where the people live in harmony with nature. This is a society where the basis and diversity of life is secured for future generations, and where nature's own values are the foundation of the work to increase man's respect for and love of life and landscape."

Our main goal is to protect nature and environment so that human activity does not exceed the tolerance limits of our planet. We are concerned with a wide range of issues in environmental and nature conservation, but work specifically with the areas conservation, climate, energy and transport. Although we have a national agenda, many environmental questions have proven to have an international or even global character. Development issues, resource allocations and international cooperation are very much parts of our everyday activities.

Our International Projects Department cooperates with environmental NGOs and support civil society development in a number of countries in East and South. The objectives are to strengthen our local partners’ capacity and influence in their struggle for a better environment. Environmental Education, Sustainable Energy Solutions and Climate Change are key issues for the cooperation. At the present Norges Naturvernforbund initiate, implement and maintain projects regarding capacity building, energy saving, renewable energy, climate and education in 20 countries in former Soviet Union and Africa.

Our organization is governed by the national executive committee and central committee, headed by the organization's elected leader Truls Gulowsen. Secretary-General Maren Esmark manages the daily operations. Naturvernforbundet issues the publication “Nature and Environment”, which have a high focus on global climate change, energy and development issues.

Our secretariat is located in the centre of Oslo (See map here). We also have employees and activists at regional and local offices around Norway.

Nature and Youth” is our youth organisation, while the “Eco-agents” is our organization for children.

We are a member of Friends of the Earth International, which is the world's largest grassroots environmental network with more than 2 millon member’s worldwide. Together we campaign today's most urgent environmental and social issues.

The article was last updated on: 02.05.2022