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Get involved

Are you passionate about nature, climate and the environment? Join us as a volunteer and make a difference!

Do you write? Make videos? Plan events? Clean up plastic? We need volunteers with many different skills. Sign up as a volunteer now! 


Some of our volunteers are awesome at leading nature walks, while others have extensive knowledge on specific natural phenomena. Some volunteers know how to influence political decisions, and others how to inspire children to marvel at nature. We also have technical experts, writers, and photographers among our volunteers, and we need people with lots of different skills and interests.

Join a thematic group

Join one of our thematic groups on biodiversity, climate and transport, wind power or housing and energy. The groups regularly consider different conservation issues, and work thoroughly on these topics in order to write submissions to different government agencies about the consequences of development of land, rivers or coastal areas. 

The thematic groups meet up regularly, go on trips to investigate areas threatened by development and actively attempt to influence political decisions.

Join a campaign

You can also contribute to different projects, campaigns or events we are hosting.

Want to know more about volunteering?

Call us at 55 30 06 60 for a chat about your options to volunteer with us, or contact us by email. If you already know you are ready to volunteer with us, sign up now.

You can also join your local branch if you live at Askøy, in Bergen, Kvam, Kvinnherad, Nordhordland, Sunnhordland or Voss, by contacting them directly.

Miljøagentene (agents for the environment) is the environmentalist organisation for children. Miljøagentene wants to create a sustainable commitment to nature and environmentalism among as many children as possible and on their own terms. They want children to believe in themselves, the future and that they can make a difference. Note that with a family membership in the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature, children also get a free membership in Miljøagentene. Read more at the website of Miljøagentene.
Nature and Youth (Natur og ungdom - NU) is the youth organisation for the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature. NU works to limit climate change caused by human activities and to preserve biodiversity in the world. They combat big polluters and those who wish to destroy our environment. Read more at the website of NU.

The student group, Naturvernstudentene, in Bergen is the student group for NU and the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature Hordaland. They get involved with lots of different environmental issues through campaigns, organise the Wednesday talks once every semester and other activities. Follow them on Facebook or contact them at naturvernstudentenebergen@gmail.com.

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