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Brev til ESA om mineralavfallsdirektivet

"Norway has failed to approve a waste management plan in the permitting process," skriver Naturvernforbundet og Natur og Ungdom i et brev til EFTAs overvåkningsorgan ESA 11. februar 2022. ESA behandler nå en klage fra Naturvernforbundet, Natur og Ungdom og andre organisasjoner på tillatelsene til gruvedumping i Førdefjorden og Repparfjord.

"We are happy to read that the Norwegian Government acknowledges that clarification of the national legal framework can be beneficial and that the Ministry will conduct a thorough review of the Waste Regulation and make the necessary and appropriate amendments to the regulation. However, we find it alarming that the Ministry completely overlooks several important remarks from the Authority. We are particularly concerned about section 5 and 6 in the Ministry’s letter regarding the specific cases of Nordic Mining (Førdefjorden) and Nussir (Repparfjorden) and would like to share these concerns with the Authority. Furthermore, we address the principle of employing the Best Available Technique (BAT)," står det å lese i brevet fra Naturvernforbundet og natur og Ungdom.

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