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Official name
Republic of Azerbaijan
7,961,619 (2006 estimate)
86,600 sq km
Baku 1,839,800 (2003 estimate)
Population growth rate
0.66 percent (2006 estimate)
GDP per capita (U.S.$)
$1,030 (2004)
GDP by economic sector
Agriculture, forestry, fishing 12.3 percent (2004) Industry 55.4 percent (2004)
Services 32.3 percent (2004)
Natural resources
Petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, non-ferrous metals, alumina

Educational project SPARE and practical energy activities

Promotion of sustainable energy policy and school energy educational project SPARE


Azerbajan Youth Union (AYU)
+994 12 494 2557

Azerbaijan Youth Union (AYU) is the national coordinator implementing SPARE in Azerbaijan, and is an organization working widely on issues related to youth, as education, environment, gender, and health.  Norges Naturvernforbund has been working with AYU since 2001.

Azerbaijan faces a host of complex energy sector problems. Despite the country being a net energy exporter, one of the most vexing problems is domestic power and gas supply. Also, domestic service quality is characterized as low, with frequent electricity rationing outside the capital and a dramatic fall in household access to gas over the last decade. The situation in rural areas is most difficult. A recent rural survey indicated that access to reliable clean energy is still one of the people’s top priorities in Azerbaijan.

In 2004 Azerbaijan government accepted State program for Applying alternative and renewal energy resources in Azerbaijan Republic, but serious changes in this sphere can not be observed. During the last 3 years the relevant government agencies have tried to apply alternative resources of energy, especially biogas, but the scale of these activities is narrow and there is a wide information gap in the population on the importance of energy efficiency and alternative recourses.

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If I were a minister of energy…

17.01.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 10.06.2010

In January 2010 the Month of Energy Saving was organized in Ismailli district of Azerbaijan. Competitions, actions and other events took place at some schools. After exchanging views on global warming, COP-15, the consequences of climate change in Azerbaijan, the school children answered the following question “What steps would I undertake if I were a minister of energy?”

Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008

Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008


SPARE coordinators, teachers and pupils from the three Caucasian countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have in the end of September gathered for regional SPARE seminar in the mountain village Gudauri, Georgia. The participants have been discussing the development of SPARE in the region, the consequences of climate change and methods to teach pupils what climate change is and how it will affect the Caucasus.