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The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance is seriously concerned after Bangkok

After participating at the Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, a continental coalition of civil society, is dismayed at attempts by developed countries to undermine the future of the Kyoto Protocol. They are seriously concerned by the fact that there seems to be an emerging consensus among industrialised nations particularly the US to move away from the Kyoto Protocol.

The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance emphasize the need for a robust and legally binding solution to climate change that is science-based, equity-based, principle-based and founded on the provisions of the Convention – one that provides an integrated and holistic approach to defining the global mitigation effort, the efforts of developed and developing countries, and the associated needs for adaptation, financing and technology transfer;

They therefore, demand that developed countries:

1. Agree to outcomes in Copenhagen that are fair, ecologically just and that ensure the full implementation of the Climate Convention and its Kyoto Protocol;

2. Agree to share the Earth’s atmospheric space fairly with developing countries through commitments under the Kyoto Protocol that reflect the full extent of their historical responsibilities as well as the needs of developing countries to a fair share of the Earth’s emission budget;

3. Undertake the deepest possible emission reductions through domestic efforts during the period ending by 2017 in order to provide physical space for the growth of developing countries;

4. Based on these commitments, provide financing and compensation to developing countries that is sufficient to address the excessive historical and current per-person emissions of the developed countries, while enabling developing countries to follow a less polluting developing path than the one followed by the developed countries.

5. Provide financing and compensation to developing countries for the adverse effects of climate change that is sufficient to address: 1) the costs of avoiding climate-related damages and harm; 2) the costs of actual damages and harm; and 3) lost opportunities for development;

6. Agree, as part of a shared vision, to quantified goals for: 1) the payment of adaptation compensation, 2) financing, expressed as a percentage of Annex I countries’ gross domestic product; and 3) technology transfer, expressed as value and mitigation potential of technology provided;

7. Ensure that the public money has to be additional to ODA-targets you promised us at the Millennium Development Summit.

8. Support proposals for enhanced institutional arrangements under the Conference of Parties in the areas called for by developing countries including:

a. Adaptation. A “comprehensive and structured approach” including a new Adaptation Fund for Africa;

b. Technology. A Subsidiary Body on Technology, a Multilateral Climate Technology Fund and a Technology Action Plan; and

c. Financing: An enhanced Financial Mechanism under the COP including an Executive Board, Trustee(s) and Funds or Funding Windows;

9. Agree to specific measures to remove barriers that limit the development and transfer of technologies from developed to developing countries arising from intellectual property rights (IPR) protection;

10. Refrain from using non-tariff trade barriers or any other form of trade measures to discriminate against developing countries, further transfer the costs of mitigating climate change to developing counties or otherwise impose new obligations on developing countries; and

11. Acknowledge the need for, and work towards, more fundamental changes in lifestyles and consumption patterns, as well as to current arrangements relating to international trade, finance, intellectual property, debt and other aspects of the international system, in order to address the root causes of climate change and ensure solutions to climate change that are fair, effective and development-oriented.

Contact the alliance for more information:

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA)
Continental Secretariat
C/O All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC)
AACC Building Waiyaki Way
P.O Box 14205-00800
Westlands, Nairobi - Kenya
Tel: +254-20-4441483, 4441338/9
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