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Climate seen from south

The campaign “Climate change as seen from the south” is jointly organized by Rainforest Foundation Norway, Norwegian Society for Conservation of Nature (Friends of the Earth Norway), Future in our hands, WWF-Norway, The Development fund/Spire and the children’s organisation ”Miljøagentene”. The information campaign aims to highlight perspectives from the south in the Norwegian debate on climate change. The campaign is financed by the Norwegian aid agency Norad.

The campaign has been implemented during 2007 and 2009. A number of common activities have been implemented, and in addition all the organisations have implemented separate activities. During 2008 two main joint activities were organized:

- The seminar «Climate summit seen from South: From Bali to Poznan» (programme can be found on www.utviklingsfondet.no/seminar). The seminar was successfully implemented, with 70 participants prior to the COP 14 in Poznan in December.

- The report: “Seen from the South: A Review of Norwegian climate policy” was produced within the project. The aim of the report is to help to see the Norwegian climate policy in a global perspective. The rich, industrialized countries are historically are responsible for the major share of the green house gas emissions causing climate change, but today’s poor countries will face the most serious impacts. The unjust nature of climate change must be reflected and compensated for in international climate change agreements and in the policies of rich countries. How is this reflected in Norwegian climate policy? Three commentators, from Nepal, Nigeria and Brazil, analysed the Norwegian climate policy based on official documents and emission statistics. The contributors have also been asked to formulate a few questions for Norwegian policy-makers, and a Skype meeting between the participants and the Norwegian Minister of Environment.



The Pan African Climate Justice Alliance is seriously concerned after Bangkok


After participating at the Bangkok Climate Change Talks 2009, the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, a continental coalition of civil society, is dismayed at attempts by developed countries to undermine the future of the Kyoto Protocol. They are seriously concerned by the fact that there seems to be an emerging consensus among industrialised nations particularly the US to move away from the Kyoto Protocol.

Climate views from South

Climate views from South


The Norwegian Minister for Environment and Development told today environmentalists from Brazil and Nepal that he is on the restrictive side when it comes to new licenses for oil extraction in Norway. Mr. Solheim participated in an electronic meeting on Norwegian climate policy arranged by Norges Naturvernforbund, Norwegian Rainforest Foundation and Future in Our Hands.