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Naturvernforbundet's decommission project aims to contribute to an open and democratic process about the future of the old nuclear reactors at Kola and Leningrad nuclear power plants in North West Russia.

The long-term goal of the project is that an official plan for decommissioning of the oldest Russian nuclear power plant reactors is developed and implemented. The plan should provide a safe, secure and environmentally reliable way to decommissioning, and set an acceptable time table for closure. In shorter term, the project shall contribute to a public debate on the future of the reactors, to participation of civil society in the process, and capacity building in environmental NGOs.

The project is financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, over the Nuclear Action Plan. The project has been running from 2004.

Project responsible in Naturvernforbundet:
Kjersti Album: kja@naturvernforbundet.no

Partner organizations:
Kola Environmental Center (previously called GAIA)
WEB-site: www.kec.org.ru
Contact person for this project: Yuri Ivanov
E-mail: yura.ivanov@kec.org.ru

Zelenyj Mir/ Green World
WEB-site: www.greenworld.org.ru
Contact person for this project: Oleg Bodrov

Za Prirodu
Contact person for this project: Andrey Talevlin

More information at the project's website: www.decomatom.org

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Miljøorganisasjoner advarer USA:

Nedrustningsavtale øker faren for atomforurensning i Russland

01.08.2012 | Sist oppdatert: 01.08.2012

Russland vil gjøre om atomvåpen til nytt brensel for landets atomkraftverk. Dette er en prosess som skaper mye radioaktivt avfall. Avfallsbehandlingsanleggene i Ural er allerede overbelastet og befolkningen er utsatt radioaktiv stråling og risiko for større ulykker.


Russian radioactive waste to be buried at the shore of the Baltic Sea

14.02.2012 | Sist oppdatert: 14.02.2012

Low-and medium-level radioactive waste from North-West Russia the Russian nuclear power plant in Sosnovy Bor on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland has so far been stored temporarily. The high-active and most dangerous waste will be transported by train to Siberia.

Nuclear transport

Brukt atombrensel skaper strid i Russland

31.01.2012 | Sist oppdatert: 15.06.2012

Brukt atombrensel skal fraktes fra Finskebukta til Sibir. Der skal det lagres i et midlertidig lager ved elva Jenisei. En ulykke kan føre radioaktiv forurensing fra Sibir via Jenisei til Polhavet og med havstrømmen vestover til Kola og Barentshavet. Radioaktiv fisk og sjømat kan bli resultatet. Russiske miljøvernere fordømmer flyttingen.


Is the number of nuclear power plants growing?

28.11.2011 | Sist oppdatert: 28.11.2011

The nuclear renaissance has been a popular theme for articles during the last few years. The articles have focused on the supposed new growth of new nuclear plants. The term “renaissance” by the way means a “new birth” or a “re-birth”. -This is not true, says nuclear specialist Peter A. Bradford. -There is no renaissance for nuclear power.

Puma murmansk

Puma in Murmansk with dangerous cargo

16.12.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 17.12.2010

Puma has now reached Murmansk with spent nuclear fuel from Serbia, after sailing along the Norwegian coast. The picture shows Puma in Murmansk, taken by Naturvernforbundet today.

Important victory

Germany cancels nuclear transport to Mayak

07.12.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 07.12.2010

Naturvernforbundet and Russian partners are applauding the German decision to cancel the planned transport of spent nuclear fuel to Mayak in Russia. The bad environmental situation at the Mayak facility is the reason for the decision.

Puma hekk
Transport to Mayak in Russia

Nuclear waste along the Norwegian coast

06.12.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 06.12.2010

A ship carrying spent nuclear fuel will reach Norwegian waters within the next 24 hours on its way to Murmansk. Naturvernforbundet asks that emergency preparedness is increased, and that Norwegian authorities confront the transport of dangerous radioactive materials.


“Wasteland” wins documentary prize

21.09.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 21.09.2010

A documentary about radioactive problems in Mayak area, created by Gennadi Shabarin for the decommission project, has won the prize of the festival at Baykal International Film Festival 2010.

Kola atomkr
Lahnstein must speak up

Kola nuclear power plant needs a decommissioning plan

02.09.2010 | Sist oppdatert: 02.09.2010

When Norwegian deputy minister Mr. Lahnstein is in Murmansk this week for the Norwegian-Russian bi-lateral nuclear commission, he must use the opportunity to demand a decommission plan for Kola NPP.


Real cost of nuclear energy in Belarus

03.11.2009 | Sist oppdatert: 03.11.2009

A new report showing real costs of the planned nuclear power plant in Belarus shows that energy efficiency and renewable energy is a far more economic attractive alternative than new nuclear power.


Memorial Day in Muslyumovo

06.10.2009 | Sist oppdatert: 08.10.2009

29th of September 1957 a tank with radioactive waste at the Mayak plant in Russia exploded. On the day 52 years after the accident representatives of the Decomatom-project participated in a memorial in the village of Muslyumovo.

Huge interest for decommission hearing

Huge interest for decommission hearing


More than 50 participants from nuclear industry, authorities, trade unions and environmentalists met in the nuclear city Sosnovy Bor to discuss closure and dismantling of old nuclear power plants.

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