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Official name Georgia
Population 4,646,003 (2007 estimate)
Area 69,700 sq km
Capital Tbilisi 1,103,500 (2002 estimate)
Population growth rate
-0.34 percent (2006 estimate)
GDP per capita (U.S.$) $3,800 (2005)
GDP by economic sector
Agriculture, forestry,
fishing 17.8 percent (2004)
Industry 25.4 percent (2004)
Services 56.9 percent (2004)
Natural resources
Forests, hydropower, manganese deposits, iron ore, copper, minor coal and oil deposits;
coastal climate and soils allow
for important tea and citrus growth

SPARE in Georgia

Pilot energy villages, promotion of sustainable energy solutions in refugee projects after the war, school energy educational project SPARE.


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EcoVision is an environmental organization working with sustainable development in general, and with ecological education in particular. EcoVision is running SPARE in around 150 schools. With their location between Armenia and Azerbajan, EcoVision plays an important role in uniting all the 3 national SPARE partners in Caucasus. Schools in the border areas in Georgia teach in Azeri and Armenian, and EcoVision use project materials in all three languages in order to bridge the gap between population groups also within the country.

Georgia's energy sector lags well behind that of its neighbors and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe for many reasons, including years of neglect and widespread corruption. Despite the government's recognition that reform is vital for long-term environmental sustainability and economic growth, Georgia's power sector remains incapable of reliably meeting its current and future energy demands. The conflict with Russia and unstable energy supply and prices in Georgia has raised new attention to energy security and energy efficiency. However, the official strategies and spending is push forward new energy production rather than harvesting from the huge energy efficiency potential.

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Norges Naturvernforbund assists war torn school in Georgia

Norges Naturvernforbund assists war torn school in Georgia


Norges Naturvernforbund has together with local partner EcoVision rebuilt the minor wing of school number 7 in Gori, Georgia. All the windows were blown out when a bomb hit nearby the school during the war actions in August. 1500 pupils have since the war had to attend education in regional schools.

Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008

Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008


SPARE coordinators, teachers and pupils from the three Caucasian countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have in the end of September gathered for regional SPARE seminar in the mountain village Gudauri, Georgia. The participants have been discussing the development of SPARE in the region, the consequences of climate change and methods to teach pupils what climate change is and how it will affect the Caucasus.

Naturvernforbundet develops energy activites in Caucasus and Central Asia

Naturvernforbundet develops energy activites in Caucasus and Central Asia


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports SPARE and practical energy projects in Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldova by 4,2 million NOK. By this Naturvernforbundet can apply positive experience from practical energy projects in the region, and will in cooperation with local partners promote efficient energy issues on national level in several of our project countries in the region.