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Official name
Republic of Moldova
4,466,706 (2006 estimate)
33,700 sq km
Chisinau 778,800 (2000 estimate)
Population growth rate
0.28 percent (2006 estimate)
GDP per capita (U.S.$)
$620 (2004)
GDP by economic sector
Agriculture, forestry, fishing 21.3 percent (2004) Industry 23.9 percent (2004)
Services 54.7 percent (2004)
Natural resources
Lignite, phosphorites, gypsum, arable land, limestone

SPARE in Moldova

School energy educational project SPARE.


Gutta club
+373 22 751 984

Gutta club is an organisation working mainly on education, energy, climate and sustainable development. Gutta club has through the years implemented a wide range of projects related to education, in cooperation with among others Swedish Institute. They have a well developed network with educational institutions working with energy in Moldova. Gutta club has a special focus on Transdnestria within their work.

Moldova is the poorest country of Europe, and strategy for economical growth and reducing poverty is the main priority for Moldavian authorities. Moldova has few energy resources, and depends to a high degree on import of expensive energy resources. Energy consumption is ineffective, and all sectors, from industry to public sector and household need major improvements in energy efficiency.

The educational sector has been in current transformation and updating to EU standards during the past years. A new law on education is developed, but not yet approved. In 2007 Ministry of Education together with Ministry of Environment developed a strategy for ecological education in Moldova, where Gutta was able to participate and give inputs. However, a methodological basis for this work is non existent so far, and teachers’ education does not answer to up to date education on ecological issues.

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