Best energy saving projects of young Ukrainians to be presented in Oslo

The final round of the International Competition on Youth Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Projects was held in Kyiv at the National Environmental and Naturalistic Youth Center of Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science. The works of the winners from Ukraine will be presented this spring in the final contest in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

The final round of the International Competition on Youth Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Projects, entitled «Energy and Environment», was held in Kyiv at the National Environmental and Naturalistic Youth Center of Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science, UKRINFORM correspondent reported. This contest is held within the SPARE International School Project (School Project for Application of Resources and Energy) and the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in association with the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature and INFORSE Europe (International Network for Sustainable Energy).

The works of the winners from Ukraine — Maria Mulyarchuk (Ternopil region), Oleksiy Shynkarevych (Zaporizhzhia region), Iryna Dovbysh, Oleksandr Kovtunovych (Poltava region), Andriy Kopylov, Astrik Meliksetyan (Luhansk region), Natalia Kruhlyak (Dnipropetrovsk region), Diana Borysenko (Sumy region ) will be presented this spring in the final contest in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

It is gratifying that the organizers of the national round of the International Competition «Energy and Environment» — SPARE National Project Coordinator in Ukraine, National Environmental and Naturalistic Youth Center and NGO «Ecological Club Eremurus» — found support at the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Sector, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety, NAER, representatives of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Danfoss and Philips Ukraine LLC and the others , Tamara Radchenko, Head of the Department of Ecology of the National Environmental and Naturalistic Youth Center said in an interview to UKRINFORM correspondent.

This approach was rewarded by youth activities locally. The jury received for consideration 115 pedagogical, more than 350 pupil and student projects from 23 regions of Ukraine, Crimea and Kyiv. A major part of pupil projects came from Zaporizhzhia region (50), Mykolayiv region (50), Luhansk region (41), Sumy region (24), and Poltava region (17).

The contestants’ approach to the problems of energy saving is quite pragmatic, says SPARE National Project Coordinator in Ukraine Olena Melnykova. Young people submitted projects for jury’s examination focusing on a variety of energy-saving technologies in industrial facilities, residential localities, dwelling houses, school facilities, as well as projects related to promising alternative energy sources. The competition participants paid more attention to a simple application of energy solutions, which even today can be implemented in everyday life.

As for the winners and presentation of their works in the final in Oslo, we are confident that they will be highly appreciated by the international jury. For example, a project on micro electric power station with a low-speed hydrodynamic turbine by Maria Mulyarchuk of Borshchov that was announced the winner, has already generated interest of some firms dealing with energy saving and energy efficiency, Melnykova added.

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