Merkel, Röttgen and Putin playing with nuclear waste -but at least the transport is now cancelled

Merkel, Röttgen and Putin playing with nuclear waste -but at least the transport is now cancelled.

Important victory

Germany cancels nuclear transport to Mayak

Naturvernforbundet and Russian partners are applauding the German decision to cancel the planned transport of spent nuclear fuel to Mayak in Russia. The bad environmental situation at the Mayak facility is the reason for the decision.

“Movement for Nuclear Safety” and “Green World”, two of Naturvernforbundet’s co-partners in the nuclear field, have worked intensively the last months to stop this transport. In addition to meetings with German, US and United Nations officials, the organisations have collected signatures and sent appeals to Angela Merkel, US president Obama and Russian president Medvedev. Among the supporters of the appeal is Naturvernforbundet.

You can read the appeal here.

German environmental minister Norbert Röttgen says that the situation at the Mayak facility is the reason why he vetoed the transport. The initial reason for the transport is that the spent fuel is of Soviet origin, and thus should be repatriated to the country of origin. The transport has been highly debated in Germany, because of the environmental situation at and around the Mayak facility. Röttgen now awaits safety evaluations of the Mayak facility.

-          This is good news for all those living along the transport route. Transports of dangerous highly radioactive waste over long distances threatens people and environment. Also this is great news for those living around the outdated and dangerous Mayak  Chemical Combine for reprocessing, says Kjersti Album in Naturvernforbundet.

Even with Germany cancelling the transport, much waste is still left in Europe waiting to be sent “back” to Russia. The decision of Germamy gives hope that also other countries can choose to take care of their own nuclear waste, instead of sending it to Mayak, where environmental conditions are bad.

-          It is time to stop dumping Europe’s waste in Russia, says Album.

You can read more about Naturvernforbundet’s work with nuclear issues here.

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