Huge interest for decommission hearing

More than 50 participants from nuclear industry, authorities, trade unions and environmentalists met in the nuclear city Sosnovy Bor to discuss closure and dismantling of old nuclear power plants.

The hearing was organized by Green World, a Russian partner of Norges Naturvernforbund, in the frame of a cooperation project that has been going on since 2004, sponsored by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Oleg Bodrov from Green World presented the NGO concept of a Russian decommissioning plan. The organizers had originally asked Rosatom to present their decommissioning concept, but as it is not approved yet, Mr. Konyshev from Rosatom presented opinion polls on people’s attitudes towards nuclear power. Experiences of decommissioning from Lithuania, UK and US were presented. The trade union association of Sosnovy Bor presented their view on decommissioning, and local authorities spoke of their role in the process.