Improved NGO efforts on climate negotiations in Russia and Belarus

Norges Naturvernforbund has during 2008 had particular focus on strengthening of NGOs climate work in Belarus and Russia. In Russia, the reorganized umbrella organisation Russian Socio-Ecological Union (RSEU) has developed policy and inputs to the Russian position in the international climate negotiations in Poznan. They are now present in Poznan, and work actively towards their delegation.

Russia holds not very constructive positions in the negotiations, and needs a strong and constructive NGO sector to provide pressure and inputs to the policy and positions. A challenge is also to promote climate friendly energy policy on regional level throughout Russia, which RSEU with its many members has the best possibility to do.

In Belarus it was during autumn 2008 arranged an open seminar for a wide range of NGOs by support of Norges Naturvernforbund, where common climate strategies and positions were developed. Also Belarusian NGOs are present in Poznan, and work actively towards the national delegation.

The climate work will continue in 2009, with Copenhagen meeting next December as a natural target. Further policy development, lobbying and network building among NGOs in Eastern Europe will be among the activities.

See position papers and news elaborated by RSEU under. The climate work of RSEU is implemented by support of Norges Naturvernforbund.