Norges Naturvernforbund at anti-nuclear workshop

Norges Naturvernforbund co-organized a successful anti-nuclear workshop in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius last weekend. At the seminar NGO representatives from Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Scandinavia discussed plans for building new nuclear power plants in the region. The NGOs agreed to cooperate and to share information about their respective countries’ plans to build new nuclear power plants and to make a common strategy to fight this.

Lithuania’s last nuclear reactor at Ignalina closes down in the end of 2009 as part of the precondition for accessing the European Union, but Lithuania is planning to build a new power plant together with Latvia, Estonia and Poland.

Belarus government has asked potential companies to take part in a tender. Belarus plans to construct 2 reactors, but financing sources are still unclear. It is most likely that VVER 1000 reactors from Atomstroyeksport, will be chosen.

Naturvernforbundet and Russian project partner’s work for decommissioning of the oldest Russian nuclear reactors, but as new reactors are planned and even constructed in Russia, it is necessary to work also with new reactors.