Preparing for Copenhagen

Environmental NGOs from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus gathered in St. Petersburg on 12th to 14th of November to prepare for the climate summit in Copenhagen later this year. The NGOs demand increased action from their respective governments.

ImageOn the 12th and 13th of November the NGO conference in St. Petersburg focused on common strategies for Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The countries are in a similar situation with emissions well below 1990-levels and very large energy-efficiency potential. 

A common NGO position focused on increased emission targets for all three countries demanding that the countries should at least keep emissions below the pre-crisis level of 2008 (For Belarus and Russia, this is equivalent to a reduction of 35% and for Ukraine a 50% reduction compared to 1990-levels). As the countries are expected to sit on a large emission surplus from the Kyoto-period, the NGOs demand that this surplus is not to be banked to a new commitment period.

ImageOn the 14th of November the conference focused on Russian climate policy. Introductions from experts on climate, energy and economy lay the foundation for strategy discussions towards Copenhagen and into 2010. The NGOs concluded by demanding Russian climate targets to be increased from the current goal of 10-15 percent by 2020 to 35 percent below 1990-levels by 2020.

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