Puma in Murmansk with dangerous cargo

Puma has now reached Murmansk with spent nuclear fuel from Serbia, after sailing along the Norwegian coast. The picture shows Puma in Murmansk, taken by Naturvernforbundet today.

The Danish ship Puma has the last week sailed along the Norwegian coast, loaded with spent nuclear fuel. The ship has now arrived in Murmansk. According to our information, the unloading of the spent nuclear fuel will start tomorrow, due to a storm forecast today. The spent nuclear fuel will then be transported by train to Mayak for reprocessing.

Less then two weeks ago, Naturvernforbundet allerted the Norwegian coastal monitoring service (Kystovervåkningssentralen) that Puma was on its way to Norwegian waters loaded with spent nuclear fuel.  Naturvernforbundet received this information from its partner organisation Green World, and the information was later confirmed also by other sources.

Together with Russian partners, Naturvernforbundet is working to stop transport of spent nuclear fuel from Europe to Mayak in Russia. The Mayak facility is old and outdated, and the surrounding area is amoung the most polluted areas in the world.

Two weeks ago the German Ministry of Environment stopped a similar transport to Mayak, due to environmental concerns with the Mayak facility.

For additional information, please contact Kjersti Album in Naturvernforbundet, telephone +47 99 02 66 30

This is the current position of Puma:


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