Puma in trouble on its way back from Murmansk

After offloading spent nuclear fuel in Murmansk Thursday night, the ship Puma experienced problems on its way south along the Norwegian coast. Puma took in water and needed help from the Coast Guard.

The Danish ship Puma offloaded spent nuclear fuel in Murmansk Thursday, after sailing along the Norwegian coast. The spent nuclear fuel is from a Serbian research reactor, and is to be transported to the Mayak facility for reprocessing. Naturvernforbundet and Russian partners oppose transports of nuclear waste to Mayak, because of the enormous environmental problems around the site.

- This shows the risk with nuclear transport along our coast, says Lars Haltbrekken in Naturvernforbundet. - If an accident happened when the ship carried nuclear waste, the consequenses could have been devastating.

Puma is now in Hammerfest in Northern Norway, for repairs.

Artikkelen ble sist oppdatert: 20.12.2010