Russian authority for radiation protection and nuclear security embraces decommission plan

In a letter from Rostechnadzor to Naturvernforbundet’s partner organization Green World, the Russian authority for radiation protection and nuclear security speaks very positively about the concept of a decommission plan for old nuclear power reactors, which was published earlier this year by Norges Naturvernforbund and Russian partner organizations.

Rostechnadzor sees the decommission plan as a very helpful publication for dismantling of old nuclear power plants and will use it for further research. Rostechnadzor writes that it will now “recommend this publication as an informative material for general state politics on dismantling of nuclear power reactors”.

Rostechnadzor received the concept of a decommissioning plan earlier this year. Chairman of Russian NGO Green World, Oleg Bodrov, is very happy that Rostechnadzor has taken the time to read it so thoroughly and even write comments. “This shows that our efforts to initiate dialogue with authorities on this matter is highly successful”, says Bodrov.

The concept for a decommission plan for old Russian reactors is made within the frame of a project financed by the Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.