“Solar barrels” assembling workshop in Bishkek

On March 19th and 20th 2010 “solar barrels” assembling workshop took place in environment and economics lyceum 65 in Bishkek. It was organized by BIOM environmental movement in cooperation with Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation and with the help from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry as part of SPARE project.

The workshop became a part of a youth action under the slogan of «Solar installations for the sunny country!» The action was initiated by the lyceum schoolchildren when they got to know about the possibilities in SPARE project in detail. The action was actively supported by the lyceum administration. 18 schoolchildren from 9 to11 grades took part in the workshop.

The main goal of the action for the school kids was to contribute to the reduction of man-made environmental impact in Issyk-Kul region by reducing cutting of the wood that is needed for heating up water. As part of the action a workshop was held that presented the assembling of 8 solar barrels and educated the kids about the practical methods of solar energy use.

The assembled solar barrels will be sent to Ak-Terek settlement in Issyk-Kul region, to the school and the settlement’s inhabitants in order to expand the ability of local people to use solar energy, to save energy and to show an example of a hand-made solar installation made with locally available materials.

The workshop was preceded by a 2-week long preparation of necessary materials and work-pieces helped-out by the students who already have an experience in the building of solar installations.

The workshop began with a presentation of SPARE project in Kyrgyzstan, where the school kids were once again told about their opportunities to take part in the project, they were shown the opportunities and ways of using solar power in Kyrgyzstan. After the presentation the workshop participants began assembling solar barrels. In the process of the solar barrels’ construction the participants designed posters with the topic of solar power use.

During the 2 days of the workshop the participants assembled 5 ready-to-use installations and 2 sets of work-pieces for 2 solar barrels were made — the latter are to be assembled in Ak-Terek settlement by local school kids.


The event was concluded by a distribution of awards to the participants, where the most active ones received souvenirs and prizes in the presence of the lyceum administration and the students. All the participants received certificates.

In the participants opinion the workshop was successful and the very idea of the action helps them contribute to the conservation of Issyk-Kul natural ecosystem. Despite the fact that the topic of renewable energy sources use wasn’t new to the lyceum student, the very form of the event was unusual and interesting for them. They especially emphasize the importance of the practical side of such events. Besides the schoolchildren received an additional opportunity to get to know the peers and to communicate with each other in an unusual way.

During the workshop the schoolchildren got practical knowledge and skills of using solar power which they can use at home. Moreover they became willing to help their parents improve comfort in their homes and save money on heating water.

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