SPARE participate in a new Public Chamber working group in Russia

Public Chamber of Russia has formed a working group on environmental education and public awareness. The working group has high level participation and aim at more and better environmental education in Russia. SPARE has been recognized as one of the most important stakeholders and invited to participate.

Leader of the working group is professor Anatoly Kerzhentsev, Head of the Laboratory of Functional Ecology Institute of Basic Biological Problems, Russia Academy of Sciences. SPARE was recognized as one of the most important school environmental programs, and invited to participate. SPARE representative in the working group is Ludmila Zhirina, coordinator for SPARE in the Central Okrug of Russian Federation.

The working group is composed include a number of persons with high competence and central position as Yagodin G.A., academician of Russia Academy of Sciences, Director of the Museum of Education, Head of Graduate D. I. Mendeleyev’s School of Environmental Sciences; Koroteeva O. V. - Member of the Commission on Information Policy and Mass Communications OS CFD; Zahlebniy A.N. - Corresponding Member of RAO, Professor, Head of Laboratory of Environmental Education Institute for the content and teaching methods RAO, Chief Editor of the Journal "Environmental education", and many others.

The main activities of the Working Group for 2010-2011 is:

- Assistance to the executive and legislative branches of the federal subjects CFD in the implementation of the rights of citizens to receive free environmental education in the state and municipal educational institutions of general, secondary vocational and higher education as one of the foundations of education of public morality;
- Attracting the scientific community to develop regulatory legal instruments aimed at the development of environmental education and science in CFD;
- Promotion of information and communication on environmental education;
- Development of proposals to improve methods of environmental education of the general population CFA and bring them to a joint environmental activities;
- Dissemination of best practices organization of environmental education and awareness, creating a network of model objects;
- Restoration of the subject "Ecology" in the programs of general education;
- Introduction of general and applied ecology in secondary and higher vocational education;
- Involvement of non-governmental environmental organizations to participate in environmental education through a system of grants CFD Public Chamber.

SPARE will play a important role in this work by bring forward ideas and experience from more than 10 years of experience with SPARE in Russia and other countries. The Public Council of the Central Federal District of Russia will make recommendations for development of programs of the federal and regional level and contribute to develop and promote environmental educational programs as SPARE in every school in Russia.

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