SPARE starting in Bulgaria

Energy saving workshop in Bulgarian school
Together with Bulgarian partner, Naturvernforbundet has received seed money in order to develop a project on energy saving and renewable energy use in schools. The project is EEA funded and is expected to improve conditions in schools as well as to bring up new generations of environmentally aware citizens
International department of Norges Naturvernforbund has received seed money from Bulgarian EEA grant facility for starting a cooperation with Bulgarian environmental NGO ’Za Zemiata’ (For the Earth). Together, we will test possibilities for implementation of educational school project SPARE in several regions in Bulgaria. The project is expected to start this autumn.

‘Za Zemiata’ is Bulgarian environmental non-governmental organization, working for sustainable life and combating exploitation of people and nature. Sustainable energy use and program on climate change are two main activities of ‘Za Zamiata’. The organization has years of experience in working with practical energy saving measures.

SPARE project is based on theoretical and practical learning about energy saving and renewable energy use, through voluntary school program. Children from 16 countries of Europe, regions of Caucasus and Central Asia are taking part in SPARE for over ten years now, learning about new ways of energy saving and using, for applying both in school and at home. Many educational and governmental institutions in these countries are also promoting SPARE thorough partnerships and common activities.

Practical project activities are improving conditions in schools, which are the most difficult to put up with during winters. Also, windows insulations and solar heating contribute to more efficient energy use with less or no harmful effects on health, which fossil fuel have.

Bulgaria has recently joined the EU, and is struggling with challenging situation regarding energy supply and cost, pollution and environmental devastation, as many other transitional countries. Bulgarian government is still mainly endorsing and supporting fossil fuels use, without spreading awareness on the devastating consequences for the climate and environment in general.

In a long term, SPARE project - created with the purpose to include the younger generation into actions for the environmental protection and development, may significantly contribute to easier coping with challenges Bulgaria is facing today.

'Za zemiata' - setting solar panels

Bulgarian school children learning about insulation