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Norway might send its own nuclear waste abroad:

Strong reactions from Russian environmental organizations

It has been proposed to send Norwegian nuclear waste for recycling and reprocessing in France. Also Naturvernforbundet's partner organizations in Russia react to the proposal.

Naturvernforbundet’s Russian partner organization has sent a letter to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, where they react to the Norwegian proposition of sending their nuclear waste for reprocessing and recycling in France. The letter was sent two weeks after the proposal came from a Norwegian committee to send twelve tons of spent nuclear fuel to the French reprocessing plant La Hague.
- We are critical to restoring and Norwegian reprocessing nuclear fuel in France, "said Kjersti Album, project manager in Naturvernforbundet.
La Hague was originally built to build French nuclear bombs and large quantities of plutonium is still produced there. The emissions of radioactive substances Cesium and strontium to the ocean are large.
Album says that proper and independent evaluation needs to be taken before decisions around the Norwegian nuclear waste are to be made.
Album believes that recommending transportation of spent nuclear fuel to La Hague is not compliant with former Norwegian politics.

Natural to give advice
The Russian environmental organization Green World, with several others sent a protest letters to the Norwegian authorities
Read the letter here
They write that Norway should take responsibility for its own nuclear fuel. They also write that they are surprised and disappointed by such an attitude from Norway, especially since Norway has previously has been critical to reprocessing.

"Since we work closely with Naturvernforbundet to shut down old nuclear reactors in Russia, it is only natural that we give advice to Norway on this issue," the letter says.

Hard to argue
According to international standards, 12 tons are a rather small amount of waste.
- But it is still important how it is treated, and Norway's choice in this case sends signals internationally, Album says.

Naturvernforbundet says that if Norway sends its fuel for reprocessing, it becomes harder to argue against others to do so. It will also cause increased discharges, and increased nuclear transport.

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