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Practical energy projects

Together with local partners Norges Naturvernforbund builds low cost and small scale environmentally friendly energy solutions in many countries. We believe in local solutions based on locally available resources, and trainings and information to the local population.

Promotion of the “do it yourself” energy solutions is the core of our activities, together with education and capacity building for environmental NGOs. Improved efficiency and use of local renewable energy sources gives immediate results: Better energy services at lower cost, reduced emissions, improved indoor climate and reduced pressure on vulnerable natural resources.

Simple measures can cut energy consumption considerably and provide new energy services to families living without energy to meet their basic needs. Nevertheless, governments and other stakeholders often focus on new production capacity and oversee even the most obvious needs for improved demand side management.


Naturvernforbundet initiate efficiency improvements in Togo

Factor four increace in charcoal efficiency


Better kilns double charcoal output and use of improved stoves cut consumption by half. Charcoal is main fuel used for cooking among the urban population in Togo. At the same time Togo is one of the countries with highest deforestation rate.


Seminar on ICS stoves in Khusravi district of Tajikistan


A practical seminar on energy saving cooking stoves was held in Nosiri village of Khusravi district. The event was organized by «Little Earth» environmental organization with the help from Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation. The main task of the practical training was to demonstrate new and more advanced clay stoves constructions for cooking.

Norges Naturvernforbund assists war torn school in Georgia

Norges Naturvernforbund assists war torn school in Georgia


Norges Naturvernforbund has together with local partner EcoVision rebuilt the minor wing of school number 7 in Gori, Georgia. All the windows were blown out when a bomb hit nearby the school during the war actions in August. 1500 pupils have since the war had to attend education in regional schools.

Expected energy shortages in Kyrgyzstan will affect school children

Expected energy shortages in Kyrgyzstan will affect school children


Last winter countries in Central Asia experienced severe energy shortages, the situation being most severe for Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero electricity disappeared for days and weeks, with grave consequences for households, hospitals and schools. Kyrgyzstan is now preparing for a new winter with energy shortage. Daily power cuts are now reality in the capital Bishkek, and “winter holiday” from 20th of December till February is already announced for all schools.

Improved stoves requested by Pamir villages

Improved stoves requested by Pamir villages


After demonstration various improved cooking stoves(ICS), Naturvernforbundet and the Nepalese stove expert Madhave Pokheral, has received request for more trainings from Pamir villages. The letters are followed by hundreds of signatures from the villagers. The Pamir mountain area faces an energy crisis. Fire wood is the main energy source for cooking, baking and heating. This has led to un-sustainable harvesting of the valuable mountain forest. The first presentation of ICS in Pamir was conducted in cooperation with the Tajik environmental organization Little Earth, the Norwegian exchange program Fredskorpset and the German technical assistance organization GTZ.

Naturvernforbundet develops energy activites in Caucasus and Central Asia

Naturvernforbundet develops energy activites in Caucasus and Central Asia


Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports SPARE and practical energy projects in Caucasus, Central Asia and Moldova by 4,2 million NOK. By this Naturvernforbundet can apply positive experience from practical energy projects in the region, and will in cooperation with local partners promote efficient energy issues on national level in several of our project countries in the region.

Naturvernforbundet starts peace core project on ICS in Tajikistan

Naturvernforbundet starts peace core project on ICS in Tajikistan


In the beginning of February this year, the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Naturvernforbundet) launched its first Fredskorpset (Peace core) project –on simple energy saving measures in households in Tajikistan. Energy saving will be achieved through improving cooking stoves (ICS). The projects goal is to transfer Nepalese knowhow on efficient stoves to Tajikistan, using expertise exchange between Nepal and Tajikistan. In February ICS expert Madhav Pokharel from Nepal started on his one year mission in Tajikistan, while Tajik NGO expert Jonona Bakieva has a one year assignment in Nepal that started from March.