Closer to Nature

Join us out in nature and learn how we can take care of it.

Experience nature near you

We bring you high and low, out to sea and deep into the forest. At the same time you learn to safely traverse nature.

You get to learn about everything that lives there. Maybe we find mushrooms, or something else edible? Which trees grow in Norway, and are there any dangerous animals around?

We can cook, go fishing, enjoy a peaceful moment, birdwatch, or learn how to take care of nature. We are going to have many wonderful experiences together!

Everyone is welcome!

Everyone can join our Closer to Nature walks. 

The walks are free, and require no prior knowledge or experience. We provide all the equipment needed.

Some walks will be along roads, while others are through rough terrain. Information about this will be in our calendar.

We want you to join us! Contact us if you have questions, or need any accommodations.

Through a series of activities in this project we aim to spread knowledge and enthusiasm around the values of our local nature. In old Hordaland there are many lovely gems of nature that can be visited by all ages.

Rezi Faye was an important driving force for nature walks in Hordaland in the 70’s. Back then these trips happened once a month. With knowledgeable experts as guides,people got to know the nature around them and how to better take care of it.We still keep this tradition going, and now collaborate with several other organisations as well.

Become a volunteer!

Do you want to…

  • be a part of a larger community?
  • learn about nature?
  • join in outdoor activities?
  • help plan where the trip goes?

Then nature walks are the thing for you! You can join as a participant in our activities – or help out as a volunteer. Then you’ll obtain even more knowledge about nature, build a network, and get experience in planning trips.

Our partners

  • Barnas turlag
  • Bergen internasjonale kultursenter
  • Bergen og Hordaland turlag
  • Bergen sopp og nyttevekstforening
  • Birdlife Norge
  • Bonusbarna Laksevåg (Initiativ Laksevåg)
  • Herdla Museum
  • Hordaland Krins av Noregs speiderforbund
  • La humla suse Bergen og Omegn
  • Langegården
  • Miljøagentene
  • Pafev Norge (Støtteorganisasjonen for sårbare barn og kvinner)
  • Vestland invandrerråd
  • Vestlandske Botaniske forening

Project manager

Jeanette Tennebekk

Our supporters

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