Join the search for plastic pellets!

The search for plastic pellets (nurdles) is a fun outdoor activity that’s easy to participate in. By joining, you contribute to stopping the pollution caused by plastic pellets in the ocean and beaches.

Countless billions of these plastic pellets, the size of a lentil, are transported over the whole world each year. They are used in the manufacture of nearly all our plastic products. In every step of the process, from pellet to product, these plastic pellets are spilled. When they are not properly cleaned up, they can make their way into our rivers, to our oceans, and finally to our coastal areas.

Once they have entered the environment, they can pose a risk to marine species and their habitats for many years to come. This is because plastic pellets are small, can spread quickly, are long-lasting, and are potentially toxic. Because of their tiny size and similarity in appearance to fish eggs and other small marine animals, they can easily be mistaken for food by animals such as seabirds, fish, and crustaceans. This leads to plastic accumulating in the animals’ stomachs, which can make them feel full and prevent them from eating actual food. If this continues, it can lead to hunger and potential death.


Here’s how you can contribute:

All you need to do is to register how many plastic pellets you find, where you found them, how long you spent searching, and how many people participated.


There are three easy steps:

  1. Go to a beach or coastline near you
  2. Search for plastic pellets and collect the ones you find
  3. Register your finds online!

Note: You are encouraged to register your results whether or not you find any plastic pellets. It is also valuable to know that plastic pellets were not found in an area!


Written by Marina Gørtz
Translation by Julian Lee