Support our work

Overview of the different ways you can get involved and support us.

The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature promotes knowledge and solutions which protect nature and safeguard the basis of our existence.

Your support contributes to our work to:
– Protect nature in Hordaland.
– Increase knowledge in the region about nature, climate and the environment.
– Promote a sustainable transport system.
– Promote jobs for the future.

Become a volunteer! | Find out how you can contribute as a volunteerRead more about the possibilites. 

Become a member! | Fill in this form or text NATUR to 2377.

Donate | VIPPS: 20910. Bank account 9013 05 39377. Donate via Paypal
Provide your Norwegian ID number when you pay, and you will get a tax deduction for gifts that exceed NOK 500.

Donate regularly | Donate a fixed amount per month.   Jeg kan gi 25 : 25,00 NOK – månedlig Jeg kan gi 50 : 50,00 NOK – månedlig Jeg kan gi 100 : 100,00 NOK – månedlig Jeg kan gi 250 : 250,00 NOK – månedlig

Grasrotandelen | Do you play with Norsk Tipping? If yes, you can donate 5% of the stakes to The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature in Hordaland.

Testament | Contact us if you have questions about leaving a gift to us in your will. | 55 30 06 60

Advertisements | Contact Grønn Markedskontakt AS. | 55 10 10 97 | 98 61 31 01

Sponsorships | Corporations not involved in activities that threaten our environment are welcome to sponsor our work.  Bypsykologene is our current partner. Contact us if you want to know more. | 55 30 06 60

Sponsor projects | We depend on support to fund our local projects. Contact us if you want to donate to specific projects. | 55 30 06 60