The Plastic Hunt

In 2017 a Cuiver’s beaked whale beached on Sotra with its stomach full of plastic. The pictures spread across the world and it became known as “The plastic whale”. We had to do something, and started the project The Plastic Hunt.

Mona Maria Løberg

The plastic hunt – our work with plastic

Through attitude changing cleaning campaigns, sharing knowledge, and influencing work, we prevent plastic pollution and reduce the total amount of plastic used today. Cleaning, lectures, campaigns, and inspiring examples in text and audio format are some of the tools we’ve used on the road to a society with less plastic waste, where the plastic we use is included in a closed circuit.

  • Cleaning plastic and giving nature experiences that make an impression
  • Make accessible information on reducing plastic
  • Putting plastic on the agenda of municipalities and counties

Our supporters in the plastic hunt

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Project managers

Naturvernforbundet Hordaland

Ingvild Sundal Joys
Telefon: 93686406

Naturvernforbundet Trøndelag

Marina Gørtz
Telefon: 451 65 967

Visit the project page (in Norwegian)


Naturvernforbundet Sogn og Fjordane

Karoline Vognhild
Telefon: 46963467

Visit the project page (in Norwegian)