Flowers and bees in the city

We take care of insects, birds, and little critters all over the city. Get tips on how you can transform your garden into a paradise for pollinating insects!

Foto: Jurgen Wegter

About Flowers and Bees in the City

Wild pollinating insects are dependent on green spaces rich in flowers, and habitats where they can find food and take up residence. This is in short supply now more than ever, as we keep constructing new buildings, making new roads, and changing the way we produce food.

It’s especially important to take care of green and flowering areas in cities and urban places as the nature here is already more fragmented. By creating flower fields and facilitating for insects in gardens and parks we can all help make life a little bit easier for our planet’s smallest and most diverse residents.

In Flowers and Bees in the City we have several measures to accommodate wild pollinating insects. For example we make eco-friendly gardens, garden fugitive campaigns, and the school project Operation Flower Field.

The eco-friendly garden at Storetveitmarken

By using local products or growing food ourselves we can become more conscious of our food waste and the resources needed to produce food.

In 2019 we started up our own parcel of land at Storetveitmarken, as an example of an eco-friendly garden, and as a nice meeting space for volunteers and members. Here we use no pesticides, and our garden is overflowing with plants that pollinating insects love.

Do you want to grow with us?

Join our group, we have meetings every week in the spring and summer. Info will be available in our calendar.

Eco-friendly gardens and garden fugitives

In our gardens there are a lot of lovely plants that both we and the pollinators enjoy. And many of them thrive here. Some of the imported garden plants thrive so well that they escape into nature and displace local species.

As a garden owner you are responsible for preventing that harmful invasive species spread. But which plants are that, and what should you do about them?

Operation Flower Field

We run the school project Operating Flower Field in collaboration with Bærekraftige Liv. There children learn to transform empty grass lawns into bustling flower fields where bumblebees and other insects thrive!

Do you want to learn more about wild pollinators?

We collaborate with Norges Naturvernforbund and many other regional and local chapters to improve conditions for wild pollinators in Norway. You can read more in the links below.