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    SPARE competition in Bulgaria: The winners of the awarded projects were announced officially


    The winners of the national SPARE competition were announced during the forum "Environmental message for Tarnovo" organised elegantly by the American College Arcus on 15th March, 2010. The national coordinator Todor Todorov announced the results of the competition in front of a prominent audience - the mayor of the city of Veliko Tarnovo d-r Rashev, local and national media, representatives of the Board of the Arcus College, the management of the College, teachers and students.

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    Best energy saving projects of young Ukrainians to be presented in Oslo


    The final round of the International Competition on Youth Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Projects was held in Kyiv at the National Environmental and Naturalistic Youth Center of Ukraine’s Ministry of Education and Science. The works of the winners from Ukraine will be presented this spring in the final contest in the Norwegian capital Oslo.

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    Seminar on ICS stoves in Khusravi district of Tajikistan


    A practical seminar on energy saving cooking stoves was held in Nosiri village of Khusravi district. The event was organized by «Little Earth» environmental organization with the help from Norwegian Society for Nature Conservation. The main task of the practical training was to demonstrate new and more advanced clay stoves constructions for cooking.

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    If I were a minister of energy…


    In January 2010 the Month of Energy Saving was organized in Ismailli district of Azerbaijan. Competitions, actions and other events took place at some schools. After exchanging views on global warming, COP-15, the consequences of climate change in Azerbaijan, the school children answered the following question “What steps would I undertake if I were a minister of energy?”

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    SPARE present at climate summit in Copenhagen


    Representatives of several organizations active in SPARE are present in Copenhagen. The main task of the organizations is to influence on their national delegations policies and positions in the negotiations, and to bring information back to their home countries on the negotiations.

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    SPARE participate in a new Public Chamber working group in Russia


    Public Chamber of Russia has formed a working group on environmental education and public awareness. The working group has high level participation and aim at more and better environmental education in Russia. SPARE has been recognized as one of the most important stakeholders and invited to participate.

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