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  • Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008

    Regional SPARE seminar in Georgia 25th -29th of September 2008


    SPARE coordinators, teachers and pupils from the three Caucasian countries Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have in the end of September gathered for regional SPARE seminar in the mountain village Gudauri, Georgia. The participants have been discussing the development of SPARE in the region, the consequences of climate change and methods to teach pupils what climate change is and how it will affect the Caucasus.

  • SPARE starting in Bulgaria

    SPARE starting in Bulgaria


    Together with Bulgarian partner, Naturvernforbundet has received seed money in order to develop a project on energy saving and renewable energy use in schools. The project is EEA funded and is expected to improve conditions in schools as well as to bring up new generations of environmentally aware citizens

  • Expected energy shortages in Kyrgyzstan will affect school children

    Expected energy shortages in Kyrgyzstan will affect school children


    Last winter countries in Central Asia experienced severe energy shortages, the situation being most severe for Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. In temperatures down to 30 degrees below zero electricity disappeared for days and weeks, with grave consequences for households, hospitals and schools. Kyrgyzstan is now preparing for a new winter with energy shortage. Daily power cuts are now reality in the capital Bishkek, and “winter holiday” from 20th of December till February is already announced for all schools.

  • Nigerian partner group detained by military at Shell site

    Nigerian partner group detained by military at Shell site


    Last night, Environmental Rights Action (ERA), the Nigerian partner of Friends of The Earth Norway (FoEN), issued a message that a group of 25 persons were detained by the military when visiting one of Shell’s gas flaring sites at the Iwherekan Community. FoEN should have been part of this field trip, but was unable because the visa was not granted in time.

  • School start for 150 000 SPARE pupils

    School start for 150 000 SPARE pupils


    1. September is school start for more than 150 000 pupils in over 3000 schools that will learn about sustainable energy use through the SPARE project. Norges Naturvernforbund`s school project SPARE (School Project on Application of Resources and Energy) teaches pupils from 16 countries about the connection between energy consumption and environmental consequences.

  • Movie from Nigeria

    Movie from Nigeria


    Watch movie about Shell's activities in Nigeria. The movie was produced by Lars Johansson, a Swedisch film maker, for Friends of the Earth International. You can find it at: http://poisonfire.org/

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