Sustainable living

Over-consumption is a growing problem. We may live in a consumer society, but that society also gives the consumers authority.

More and more consumers are taking an active stand in the way they purchase, use and live by choosing environmentally friendly options. These small everyday actions may seem tiny in the big picture. But together it makes a big difference.

When more and more people choose environmentally friendly alternatives in everyday life, it affects the market. Primarily because of growing demand from the public, products and services manufactured with respect to the environment, health and international laws and standards has had a sharp upswing in recent years.

Being a conscious consumer will ripple effects beyond your own actions – the more people buying, using and living environmentally friendly, the more environmentally friendly both the market and the society will become.

Norwegian municipalities have begun to offer better garbage treatment and recycling facilities. This primarily leads to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, local pollution as well as unnecessary production. But it has also made us as consumers aware of how much waste we produce and where the waste goes.

The climate threat has also become a visible part of people’s everyday lives. There is no simple way of reducing our emissions. The entire infrastructure of our society must be changed, which not only requires involvement from the polluting sectors, such as the industry, the transportation authorities and the oil industry. It also requires changes in people’s everyday lives.

Our position

  • All energy must be used in the most efficient manner, in that high-quality electrical energy should be reserved for purposes that require high quality energy. Electricity should not be used for heating.
  • Waste amounts must be reduced. Products should be made to last longer. They could to a greater extent be repaired and reused, unnecessary packaging reduced, and standardized to be made easier to reuse.
  • Public transport systems throughout the country must be improved. In addition, we must develop and use more environmental friendly energy solutions for road transport, such as more energy-efficient motors, more efficient fuels and zero emission technology.

Contact: Martin Brandtzæg,