Join us

Naturvernforbundet is a member organisation. This means that we have thousands of members throughout Norway. Since we have many members, we are a stronger organization, and can save more nature. Therefore, we would like more people to join us.

Become a member

You can be a member without doing anything else, or you can join one of our Facebook groups or subscribe to one of the newsletters. There are also many opportunities to be more active in the organization and fight for a cause that you care about.

All members are part of a local group (“lokallag”). Each group selects a board and a leader who lead the group. They are called “tillitsvalgte”. The boards together decide how Naturvernforbundet should be run and which causes we should work with. It is a democracy, so everyone gets a vote. If you are concerned about a particular case, such as saving a natural area where you live, you can get help from us to work with the case, and you can influence us to work more on the topics that you think are important. You can also help us work with national or international topics such as climate change.

We at Naturvernforbundet think that diversity is important, and we are trying to get more members and tillitsvalgte with immigrant backgrounds, from different cultures and with different views of life. We need many different voices, because different perspectives and experiences are valuable. It’s also fun and enjoyable to join an organisation and meet new people. Therefore, we would like all of you to become active in Naturvernforbundet! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in an organisation before, or if you don’t know what to do. We will help you all the way. Feel free to contact us!

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