What is Naturvernforbundet?

Naturvernforbundet means “The Nature Conservation Association”. It is an organization that works to protect Norway’s nature. We have over 35,000 members, and over 100 local groups across the country.

Naturvernforbundet works with politics and with local issues, to save both nature and the climate. There is less nature now than there was before, and many animals and plants are threatened. Parking lots, houses and roads are built where there used to be forests. In addition, climate change is a major challenge. We work to spread knowledge of the problems, and we try to influence politicians and decisionmakers to take better care of nature.

We also want more people to experience the pleasure of being outdoors. We arrange guided walks in nature areas and other events that you can attend. We also have digital events through our Facebook page, and we post tips and ideas so that more people can experience the outdoors on their own.

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